My Life In France, Julia…

My Life In France, Julia Child with Alex Prud'homme, 2006, Alfred A. Knopf, Random House, 303 pages. This book is also available as an audio book and in electronic form

Review by Susan Beach
What a great read for those who love food and cooking! Readers will enjoy the personal insight into Julia Child's life and how she was whisk through a thrilling, yet challenging life. Alex Prud'homme did a lovely job of sharing the details of Julia's life. In gaining this insight I have the utmost respect for what she accomplished in her life, the kind of person she was, and what an impact she had on both professional and gourmet cooking alike. Her passion and curiosity spurred her through life with a zest for cooking, food, wine, and entertaining. she had such a knack for educating others, with an attention to detail that set the standard for "cookery bookery", as we know it today. My Life in France is a  must read for anyone who has an interest in America's Culinary French revolution lead by Ms. Child herself.  Bon Appetit!

Another review by of My Life in France by Harriett Beach
Over the course of a year, Alex Prud'homme sat with Julia Child, then ninety-one, and listened to her stories, read family letters and ask Julia questions about her life in France with her husband Paul Child from 1948-1954. This is a love story of Julia and Paul's life together in France where Julia discovered her other love, eating and cooking everything from snails to wild boar and how to market for the best food products. In the introduction by Julia, she writes,'Those early years in France were among the best of my life". Paul Child had originally suggested that Julia write of their years in France, but Julia kept putting this "French book" off until Alex Prud'homme offered to collaborate with Julia on this project. Julia died two days before her ninety-second birthday before the book was finished, but he had enough material to complete the book.
Alex Prud'homme, the Paul Child's grandnephew, has so beautifully captured the voice of Julia in his writing, that those of us who honed our cooking skills while watching and listening to Julia can hear her unique and raspy voice as we read this love story to her husband. The narrative is enhanced by Paul's photographs of Julia during their years in France. A delightful read.

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